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Wrestling in Seaside

Wrestling in Seaside Oregon

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports known to man. For thousands of years people have been pitting themselves against each other in a test of strength, technique, and tenacity. Over the ages wrestling has adapted and evolved into the Olympic sport that we know and love today.

Wrestling in the Pacific Rim area is a predominant part of our community and has affected the lives of thousands the men, women and children over the years giving all something to look forward to every winter. From elementary age all the through college this culture of mental toughness and endurance helps shape the individuals into some of the most charismatic adults our society.

Just about every wrestler I know started their training the same way; in the living room with an older sibling, cousin, or maybe a neighbor kid trying to smash you flat and pin you down. I spent the better half of my life getting typing tortured,


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