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fun games

fun games

Fun games are a great way for kids and people of all ages to enjoy a nice summer day.  Activities and fun games have been keeping actively engaged since the dawn of time.  Many of the best games are reserved for special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, summer camps, fund raisers, company events and picnics.

Many of the fun games we enjoy can be modified to fit work people of all ages.  For example kick the can, laser tag and capture the flag can be enjoyed by young kids and energitic adults as well.  Of course safety is always our number one concern when drafting up new and exciting fun games.  You wouldn’t want to create an obstacle course for 9 year old that could challenge even the strongest Marine Corp recruits.  So here’s 3 tips everyone should know when looking to create safe and fun games.

1.)  We recommended that you always have at least one Parent/Guardian on site to monitor and assist in organizing your own fun games and activities.  2.)  Before you’ve narrowed down the fun games you want to play, first consider the potential risks and safety precautions you may want to implement before you start. 3.).  The best fun games can all be modified and scaled down to work for even the youngest participant.  Don’t let the next party full of games lead to disaster from a lack of safety precautions, an injury is one of the quickest ways to put a damper on an otherwise great event.

This is great for our summer activities on the Oregon Coast but what about when it’s raining for 9 months staright with no sunshine in sight!?  This is when you want to consider some other options in the Seaside, Gearhart, Cannon Beach and Astoria area.  If your looking for a safe and truly life changing experience for your child then you will want to pay a visit the only world class KIDS martial arts program on the coast.  Fun games are great but what about local parents who are looking to improve their child’s grades in school, self confidence, coordination, socialization, and self discipline?  This is where we come in!

Here at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy we’ve been helping youth in the Clatsop County area since 2008.  We’ve tailor made our programs to specifically meet the needs of your family.  Don’t take my word for it…Come take advantage of FREE Parent/Students Consultation, Academy Tour, One-on-One Private Lesson and Academy T-Shirt!  Still not sure if martial arts are right for your child? No problem, we offer a no-risk 30 Day Free Trial to make sure this is the program you’ve been waiting for.  Come explore the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy, where your child will enjoy fun games while learning valuable life skills!!



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