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Free SwimEvery week, if I finished my chores and ate all of my vegetables, I would get the opportunity to go to free swim! Boy, it was the best! Free swim was easily the most anticipated event each week at that point in my life. I would get to go hang out with my best buds and frolic to my heart’s content. There was nothing more exciting than showing up to free swim, towel in hand ready to dawn my goggles and cannon ball the afternoon away.

My friends and I had a plethora of favorite games we would play at free swim including splash contests, tag, marco polo, basketball, diving contests, and splash wars. We would wrestle, tow each other around, climb and swing from the rope hanging from the ceiling. We would challenge each other by seeing who could swim the furthest under water on a single breath. The options were limitless at free swim! The world (or the pool at least) was ours and ours alone! No one could dampen the joy that we felt at that time.

As children we didn’t realize, or even care about the benefits that free swim offered such as physical exercise, community bonding, socialization and the ever important free time for the parents that they gained for the hour or two that free swim provided. For many parents free swim becomes a pseudo babysitter and allows them to go grocery shopping, get a haircut or run other errands that would be difficult to accomplish with the young ones tagging along. I know that when I was free swim age my parents would rotate with my friend’s and classmate’s parents on who got to drive the carpool and sit in the grandstands and monitor passively from behind a book or magazine.

Now as an adult the idea of jumping in a pool with a hundred little kids sounds like a headache and I prefer to use martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as my physical and emotional outlet. Classes are stimulating, fun and social; albeit more structured than free swim. I think that if presented with the option of kids Jiu Jitsu classes when i was younger i would have jumped at the opportunity to get involved with an after school program offered by gyms such as the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy in Oregon.They offer all the benefits free swim provide and so much more! Where free swim is a fun activity, Jiu Jitsu classes are a life changing experience that bring along benefits such as Increased self-esteem, confidence, respect, humility as well as coordination, healthy weight control, team building and leadership skills! Click here to get more information about Free Swim and Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy’s  a href=”” title=”ORBJJ Website!”>30 DAY FREE TRIAL today!


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