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Fitness for all ages!

When you live in an area as small as Seaside Oregon your options for fitness are fairly limited especially when you are looking for family fitness or children’s fitness. What do we do if we aren’t interested in weight lifting or treadmills? Where do we, as concerned parents, send our children for a consistent, year around fitness program?

I don’t know about you but fitness has always been difficult for me to keep up on. I have understood the importance of healthy diet and regular exorcize. Most people do! We just don’t know how to keep up on it regularly. When left to our own devises life always creeps up on us. Work schedules are far from ideal and leave us feeling drained. Families end up absorbing all of our free time. We feel that we are too cheap to pay for a membership. THE EXCUSES ARE ENDLESS and they are just that! Excuses!

If we want to be happy we need to schedule time for ourselves. We all need an outlet from work, family, life! Fitness is the best way to do that. Work leave you feeling tired? Excersize is proven to increase your energy! Boost your stamina today before you get burned out entirely!
Is the hubby or wifey stressing you out? Blow off that steam in a productive,
healthy way that will leave your partner in awe of your fresh physique and new found peace of mind. If you’re looking for an activity to bring you and your loved ones together then fitness classes are the perfect way to do that. Just imagine what that co-encouragement and group support will do to your marriage.

It’s far to easy these days to dump the kids in front of the TV or computer for a couple hours while you get some much needed respite or run those errands that have been creeping up on you all week. If these are the habits that we are building in to our children at an early age than just imagine how they will act when left to their own devices at an adult age. Make Fitness a part of their lives early and they will be healthy for ever!

Contact the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy today to get the ball rolling today! We offer Women’s Fitness and Self Defense classes as well as martial arts classes and children’s after school programs for all ages. Fitness for fun! Fitness for stress relief! Fitness for Life! See you soon!



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