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cub scouts

cub scouts

 Cub Scouts have been a part of the United States culture since the 1930′s.  Many kids ages 7-10 years old have been a part of this life changing experience.  At cub scouts young members will be challenged in many areas they typically have little to no experience with.  Overcoming these challenges will become confidence builders over time!

So what should a child expect when entering in to cub scouts? Kids joining the cub scouts should expect to make lots of new friends and learn many valuable tools that will help them succeed later in life.  Weather it’s building a pine wood box car or signing songs around the camp fire, you’re child will have a blast while learning more about themselves and the environment.

This is a very special opportunity because over 70% of active cub scouts are not from rural areas and have never felt the benefits of learning and having fun out in the bush.  For young kids and youth this is many times the first experience they will have out of the inner city and this is where many kids find their first taste for the great outdoors.  One of the other great benefits of starting your youngster in cub scouts is that later they can graduate to Boy Scouts and later Eagle Scouts.  All the while your child will be learning more and more valuable life skill.

The clearly defined benefits of cub scouts are obvious to many parents but for some kids it’s just not their niche.  This is way I want to tell you about the amazing life changing process that’s happening in the Kids Martial Arts program at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy!  Martial Arts and cub scouts share many of the same inherent benefits.  Many parents report immediate improvements in self confidence, grades at school, attitude, emotional control and socialization just to name a few.  The youth in the Seaside, Warrenton and Astoria area and all of Clatsop County for that matter, desperately need positive role models who can also pass along crucial life skills to their students.

The Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy even makes it easy to try our classes.  We offer all inquiring students with a Free Parent/Student Consultation, Academy Tour, One-on-One Private Lesson and Academy T- Shirt.  We’re so confident that your family will love our kids program that will even let you take advantage of our 30 Day Free Trial.  So what are you waiting for?  If your son or daughter has tried cub scouts and are still looking for another rewarding experience then the Seaside Jiu Jitsu should be your final destination!




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