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I was on-line (  a several evenings ago when I came across an article Ten Ways to Support Your Child’s Future.  Being a new blogger for the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy’s children’s classes, I saw this article as a perfect venue to tie the values that Zack, Nate, Ryan, Tim and Kristopher are helping to instill in our children through jiu Jitsu.  So I will make cross references to the fore named article and how the training at Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy and OBJJ (Astoria) can benefit our children.

Tell your children you are proud of them.  Children need to know positive in their lives to live healthy and productively.  We can help them to have a high self-esteem, a sense of purpose.  Noticing and praising our children when they are doing a good job, trying their best.  Listen to your children and show interest in things in which they care about. This includes the activities that they are good at –ask questions to better understand why they like it.  Keep in touch with your child by talking about everyday stuff, getting their opinions and ideas about things –be truly interested, and they will be more comfortable about their thoughts to you.  The original article said here that more children (post elementary school age) actually want to talk to their parents more.    We, as parents, sometimes forget that a child’s favorite games, books or even school subjects are interest to them even though we may not have that same interest- question them and find out something new about their likes.  Recognize that your children are unique and their career paths will be too.  We shouldn’t expect that they follow a perfect and predictable path.  Everyone processes their career paths differently.  Help your children to cherish their uniqueness’.  Be involved in your children ‘s school activities and support school work.  Education is important.  No matter what your economic status, racial background or education level, your children will achieve more if you are involved.  When your children know you care how they do in school they will try harder.  Be a partner with your child’s teacher(s) and education staff.  Be a good example of good school and work attitudes/behavior.  Be motivating through example.  Share workplace stories.  Talk about the skills and knowledge that you use in your job every day.   Pass on to your children positive work values, and these values will last a lifetime.   This may include talking about your skills and knowledge that you use every day in your job.  Talk positive about your salary, workday highs and lows, your selection of work cloths – these are messages you can give your children about work.  Use everyday life activities to provide opportunities for your children to develop important life and work skills.  Encourage your children to be involved in activities that develop skills or knowledge. Begin with household chores to learn about responsibility and consequences. Volunteering and part-time jobs help develop reliability, decision-making, and self-respect. Music, sports, dance, and art expand self-awareness and knowledge about the world. Discuss what they are learning in these activities, what they like or dislike about them, and how they might want to use the skills they are learning in the future.  Use everyday life activities to provide opportunities for your children to develop important life and work skills.  Help your children learn, because learning is not just a requirement checklist .  Believe that education after high school is possible and important for your children.  College is not for everyone nor is it necessary for all jobs, but necessary for some jobs.   Despite rising costs, not all postsecondary training is that expensive, and there are many ways families and students can get help. Commit to working together.  Support your child’s dream. Have high expectations. Set goals realistically but expect hard work and discipline. Make sure your children attend school. Ask them about homework, and verify that assignments are completed. Encourage them to take challenging courses. Help them overcome discouragement when they aren’t able to reach a goal. Celebrate their accomplishments.  Your positive, proactive involvement is an important factor in your children’s successes in school and work.

Children of all ages need their parents, and other adults involved with purpose in their lives – to nurture and to motivate, to clarify and to connect, to challenge into realizing their dreams.  Nurture the individual… Passion for life, fun, learning, and work comes from within. Help your children discover their passions. Cultivate their sense of hope. Believe in their dreams, and they will believe in them.

With all that said….why not team up fun with this discovery and  learning time.  This is what occurs at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy.  The kids’ coaches work with children as young as three to five years old (Little Warriors Class).  The children learn simple and fun techniques like tumbling, and who doesn’t like to tumble whether younger or older?  The children are learning to take easy directions and work together with other children in a safe, structured and fun way while getting some exercise.  Then there is the 6-9 year olds class.  This is the class where the coordination, cooperation and confidence techniques are worked with in a greater capacity.  You can see the joy on students faces as they roll like monkeys, leap like tigers, fly like cranes and weave like snakes.  Moves that are all important to future techniques that will be used in future martial art training.  In this class the teachers are trying to instill paper lessons (“Life Skills Sucess”) that deal with issues that occur in our every day lives ( respect and humility, to name a few).    The goal is to not only to build better martial artists, but also better human beings.  So here’s where we come in as parents, we can help the coaches to help our children learn (as in previous paragraph) from their lessons.  Helping our children to finish these 3-5 minute lessons we reading with them, helping them to learn and re-inforcing that we care about what they enjoy in life.  Learning that martial arts aren’t just moves, but the wisdoms behind it too.  Jiu Jitsu can provide your children with a break from their everyday type of homework while providing a good, fun, indoor, group  exercise.  Children from 10-14 year olds class – for kids of all skill levels , who have the focus necessary for further learning in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They continue to teach in depth healthy living, strong Life Skills, self defense, strength, flexibility and Jiu-Jitsu at a level to prepare for the adult classes.  All aspects of self defense are covered; striking, clinching, throwing, and proper application of submission holds. The training provides a common sense approach to self defense, while remaining a fun, safe, and invigorating workout.

Enroll your child in  |30 Day Free Trial! |  Seaside Jiu-Jitsu Academy |  and you will begin to see the qualities (values based on positive attitude, discipline, family, honor, loyalty, and respect), they learn in class transfer to greater success in school and other extra-curricular activities immediately.    Don’t forget that parent involvement means your children ‘s future success.  Your children will thank you.


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