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Find a Zip Line in Seaside

Find a Zip Line in your area!

Summer is right around the corner and as that sun starts to peak around the clouds you will inevitably start looking for fun ways to spend time in it! Just recently the Seaside area just got it’s first Zip Line and it has been killer!

A Zip Line trip is a great summer activity that is both safe and affordable for the whole family! There is no better way to get a birds eye view of the Great North West than by racing your buddy down a high speed Zip Line! There is just something about dangling from a little cable and a harness over a 50 foot drop that can really get the heart pounding but whether you are an adrenaline junky, Zip Line veteran looking for a fix or just an Average Joe all it will take is one trip down the Zip Line and you will begging for another ride and your kids will be begging for a zip line of their own!

We here at Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy love high energy activities such as rides down the zip line, mountain biking and rock climbing! Classes are a great workout and are fast paced. Our World Class Instructors are completely willing to work with you one on one and teach you all the skills you will need for self improvement, physical fitness, self defense and Jiu Jitsu Competitions and Tournaments. Our Kids classes focus on Life Skills as well as Mat Skills so our little samurais are equipped with all the skills they will need to become productive members of our community.

We have a lot of fun activities scheduled for this summer, including BBQ’s training sessions on the beach, trips to the Zip Line course, and other amazing activities that will blow you away!  Stop in today and ask us about our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL! You can’t afford to pass us up on that opportunity! We have students from 3 years old to 69 years old! Students of every make and model, shape and size!
Well I’m off to go Zip Line in Seaside! What are you doing to accomplish your goals today?


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