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MMA Fighter from SBJJ

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter from Seaside BJJ

Mixed Martial Arts Gyms have been popping up all over the place as of late.  Here’s some things to consider if your looking before trying your first class at some of the local Mixed Martial Arts Gyms.  First off, what interests you about the Mixed Martial Gyms in your area or UFC style training in general?

  This is one of the main things you want to identify right off the bat.  Do you want to get in shape, fight in the next Beach Brawls or Coastal Brawl, or do you like the benefits of learning self defense in a no pressure environment?  Mixed Martial Arts Gyms are not all created equally!  Now that you’ve identify what the MAIN Benefits you want to gain are; we can find the Absolute best Mixed Martial Arts Gyms to suite you.

Many Mixed Martial Art Gyms or schools are nothing more then hyped up karate programs  with a bunch of meat heads ready to beat you up.  The facility must be clean and sanitary to make sure students avoid nasty skin infections like MRSA, Ring Worm and Staph Infection.  I also worry for the safety of students entering the Mixed Martial Arts Gyms.  Does the school you checked out have qualified and friendly instructors?  Do they feature a structured curriculum or have any high level athletes or competitors?  These are the questions you want to ask yourself before deciding on a MMA gym in the Seaside, Warrenton, Astoria or Long beach Area.

So how do you know which Mixed Martial Arts Gyms to try first?  Well, here at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy we’ve made the decision easy for you!  We offer all of our incoming students a 30 Day Free Trial, Facility Tour, One on One Consultation and even a Private Lesson with one of our Head Instructors!  Our goal is to improve the quality of our students through the world class programs we offer.  We have the perfect fundamentals program tailor made for new students looking to explore the Mixed Martial Arts Lifestyle.  Here at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy you’ll have the tools to become the next Coastal Brawl Champion like student, Peter “Pistol” Toyas or lose over 50lbs like our Coast Guard student, Mats Jonsson.  Let us prove to you why we can GUARANTEE you’ll never visit any of the other Mixed Martial Arts Gyms in the area again!

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