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Kick Boxing for all ages

Kickboxing is on the rise! It seems like more and more people are looking for kickboxing classes every day. Individuals are beginning to realize that martial arts training such as kickboxing, krav magra, muay thai, and Brazilian jiu jitsu offer a wide variety of benefits including: Confidence, focus, leadership skills, mental toughness, self esteem, self control, and socialization.

Now you might say to yourself, “What if I already have all of those things?” AWESOME! Come and enj0y the rest of the percs of training kickboxing! Physical Fitness, balance and coordination, weight control, and increased energy. How about the physical skills to be able to defend yourself from any attacker anywhere! Kickboxing can give you the confidence boost you need at the office, in the home, or at school. Any person of any age or walk in life can enjoy kickboxing with our supportive team there to encourage and support one another.

 Martial Arts such as kickboxing and jiu jitsu can and will change your life in all the ways you have been looking for. Whether you are looking for a physical workout, a mental workout, peer group, self defense or a career in kickboxing and MMA you will find it all at Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy! Ask about our amazing 30 DAY FREE TRIAL! Try us out and you will know right away that you found the perfect place to pursue your interest in kickboxing.

With commitment phobia becoming the popular theme across America I understand that the first step in the door is the most difficult! Contact us right away to take advantage of your FREE Private Lesson with one of our World Class Instructors and a FREE Tour of our freshly remodeled facilities! The only thing holding you back from kickboxing today is you! See you soon!


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