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Summer Camp Looms Large on the North Coast!

It was a beautiful weekend here on the North Oregon Coast. Spring has sprung, and the not-quite-warm air and not-quite-seering sun means nothing so much as the summer’s imminent arrival!

When I was a kid, the end of the school year signaled a time that my parents would go to great pains to keep me out of doors and away from the stifling confines of the television and computer. Summer Camps of all sorts were a fixture of my  childhood, where I would spend sometimes weeks at a time learning to slap-shot a hockey puck at Hockey Camp, dribble a ball under the sweltering sun at Soccer Camp, or perform pushups in the mud at Karate Camp.
Now that I find myself in the roll of instructor to a group of bright and talented youths, I take great pride in being able to offer the same wonderful experience to a new generation who’s first love is Jiu-Jitsu.

Seaside Jiu-Jitsu Academy Summer Camp 2012

Seaside Jiu-Jitsu Academy Summer Camp 2012 -Coming Soon!

Seaside Jiu-Jitsu Academy Summer Camp 2012 -Coming Soon!

Just like the image says, it’s guaranteed to be the best Summer Camp ever! It’s a Summer Camp focused on Jiu Jitsu over the course of multiple weeks; It’s a great time to be a kid in the North Coast!

Remember to keep following the Team Seaside Jiu Jitsu Blog for details!

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