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This video was taken last month at an in-house Jiu Jitsu Tournament to both reward our hard-working students and to highlight the success of our Kids Martial Arts Programs

Most of the kids in this video have only been training in our Kids Martial Arts program around 6 months and in that time they’ve grown in their understanding of the soft-art at a pace that those of us who began their journeys as adults could scarcely dream.

Greater proficiency of any martial art is the first but hardly the most obvious benefit to enrollment in any Kids Martial Arts Program. What cool videos like this will never be able to show is how each one of these kids’ self-esteem has skyrocketed, how their behavior has improved, both at school and at home, how their grades have improved, how they’re better able to make friends… The list could go on forever.

One of the greatest blessings in my life has been the ability to bow these young champions on-and-off the training floor daily, to instruct them in life-changing traditions that are bigger than the sum of all involved. Our Kids Martial Arts programs impacts and improves the lives of parent, student and instructor alike

If you like what you see in our Kids Martial Arts video, live in the north Oregon Coast region and think you or your child could benefit in similar ways, please visit for more info!
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