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Do you lack motivation? You’re sitting there, in your brand new yoga pants, sleek new work out shoes, and di-fit t-shirt – completely prepared for perils of the gym, yet you can seem to put one foot in front of the other and get your super styling self off of the couch. You bought your membership to the gym about 2 weeks ago and have made slow progress towards actually stepping a foot inside of the gym. Now you have no more excuses and couldn’t be more prepared yet you still can’t seem to make yourself move. Unfortunately this lack of motivation is incredibly common. Yet, good news: you are not alone and we may even have found a solution for your low levels of motivation.

Motivation is your personal desire, drive, and stamina to do or accomplish something. When motivation is low, most things seem relatively impossible and you have an on going feeling of defeat. Often these feelings can overwhelm a person and be psychologically disturbing. This disturbance of the psyche often inhibits a person from having any drive and often individuals experience feelings of depression. Motivation at this seems impossible.

So you may ask, how do I increase my level of drive or motivation? How do I find the desire to get myself into a gym and improve my physical and mental state? Well here at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy we know how difficult it may be to join an new gym and motivate yourself into working out alone each day. So we have come up with just the right formula for a perfect program made to motivate you!

Our UltraFit Women’s Bootcamp is made to motivate YOU! The program incorporates a variety of women of all ages, the work outs are designed for you and you are encouraged/coached on by a personal instructor. No longer do you have to show up to a gym alone and make yourself work for countless minutes on that elliptical. Motivation will come so much easier as you are surrounded by like minded women who have the same goals of living a healthier more fulfilled lifestyle. Come try out our 30 day Free Trial and see for yourself how great our program really is! A lack of motivation will no longer be your struggle!


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