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Attention Athletes! Now don’t be intimidated when you hear the term athlete…none of us started out as muscled out hulk machines when we entered the gym. Athletes arn’t just born with chizzled abs and bulging biceps. All of us athletes begin somewhere, and that somewhere is usually that awkward spot deciphering the difference between a dumbbell and a barbell. We get overwhelmed figuring out the reps and sets and wonder how long it will take to get this routine down. Yes, all of us athletes have been there!

All athletes have the odds against them at the beginning. 60 percent of new gym members drop out within the first year or six months. It takes serious dedication and drive to be persistent and sick out the initial months on the path of becoming athletes.

Here at the Seaside Jiu Jitsu Academy we understand the struggles in becoming an athlete and we meet you where you are at! Our Women’s UltraFit Bootcamp provides you with the environment you need for success. We provide you with a personal instructor who develops work outs for you and coaches you along in the process of becoming the athlete you were destined to become. Come ask about our 30 day Trial, we grow foster an amazing environment for true athletes!


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