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Running in Seaside

Running in Seaside

Running in Seaside is a fun activity we all enjoy.  Our local 2011 High School track season kicked off in Scappoose Thursday afternoon, at the annual Bob Anderson Relays.  Both Seaside and Astoria had a great turnout.  It would be safe to say that running in Seaside is back in action.

Two very popular destinations for running in Seaside are the Promenade and Tillamook Head.  Both places provide nice sceanic views and ofcourse the fresh coastal air.  Many locals also have chosen to participate in the Hood To Coast Relay, as well as, the Annual Great Columbia Crossing 10K Walk/Run.   These events have brought even more lime light to running in Seaside.

Lets take a quick look at a few of the benefits of running in Seaside.  Weight Control is one huge benefit to getting your run on.  Approximately 60% of runners start running to manage their weight.  Another benefit that can’t be overlooked is that high-intensity exercise, like running, has also been proven to promote the human growth hormone, which celebrities have taken injections of for years to keep them looking young.  The last benefit I’d like to touch on is stress relief.  Running in Seaside allows us time to think about life’s challenges or time to zone them out for awhile, tension easily flies by the wayside as you enjoy your workout.

Running in Seaside is a great way to stay in shape but the one crucial piece it lacks is the support group that will continue to encourage you to meet your goals and dreams.  Thats why I would encourage all women that are into running in Seaside to check out the Womens UltraFit BootCamp and take advantage of their 30 Day Free Trial.  The sun is shinning and it appears to be another great day for running in Seaside!


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