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Hello Ultrafit women! It was fabulous to see many of you out for the Christmas Banquet! It was a great time and huge success, we are so proud to have such an incredible group of people within the Academy family! So Thank YOU for your constant support and involvement!

This week may be a bit longer blog, however it is good/important information on eating the food you need at the right times for consistent optimal energy. If there are any further questions, PLEASE COMMENT and we will get back to you. This is a good topic and we would love to see your interest!

  • The best time to eat is around 3 hours before class. Three hours may seem quite early to you, however this is an optimal time for your body to digest the food and get the nutrients to working muscles when you begin exercising. Your body uses blood to digest the food you ingest, thus if you are eating too close to your performance time not only is your blood unable to get to where it is needed most (muscles) it is not full of needed nutrients (glucose-usable energy). Now, if most of you are working out early in the morning, like us Ultrafit women, 3-4 hours may seem a bit impractical. Thus, eat a small snack 30-60min before showing up to class. Again, I know most of us would prefer the extra 30 minutes of sleep, however if you are having problems with energy levels, or feeling lightheaded/easily exhausted during class this is usually due to an imbalance of blood sugar. So EAT!
  • It is also very important that you are eating the right types of food before exercising. A meal 3-4 hours before should mainly consist of carbs and be low/minimal of protein and fat. Carbs are your main fuel source of energy during exercise, and as you increase the intensity of exercise, you increase the use of carbs. Thus, you want them readily available for working muscles. If you are eating a small snack 30-60min before working out, grab a piece of fruit or vegetable. These are great carb sources, which are easily digested and provide quick energy.
  • Now after a work out it is just as essential that you are refueling your body with appropriate nutrients. After exercising the protein and carb ratio switch, so you should be eating more protein than carbs during the “after meal”. Protein aids in the synthesis of muscles, which is very important after a work out as your muscles have been exhausted throughout the duration of your workout (we’ve all experienced this as Ira shows no mercy!) and need to be “rebuilt”.
  • Finally, don’t forget about drinking lots of water- before after and during exercise- it is an absolute essential! The basic amount of water consumed in a day should be 2000ml or roughly 8 glasses of 8oz each. Water is a constant detoxifier for your body and is necessary for constant processes and reactions within the body.

As mentioned…any questions (before/after) on types of food sources(carbs, proteins,fats) PLEASE ASK…this is a great place to discuss!!


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