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December’s here! Can you believe the year is almost at an end? Let’s make this next month the most exceptional yet of 2010! To do so let’s completely engage ourselves in the UltraFit lifestyle.

Here’s How…

    We are a COMMUNITY …which means we interact with each other, encourage each other, hold each other accountable to goals and standards. We can become those sexy, healthy bombshells by learning from each other! SO…the best way to do so is COMMUNICATION. THIS BLOG is meant to promote such communication and is simply an excellent resource for you to refer to when sharing or requiring information. We will do our best to provide you with the most useful information possible so you can enhance your daily living.

HOWEVER, we need YOUR input.

-What information will be most helpful for you to promote your UltraFit lifestyle?

-What are you most interested in reading/discussing?

-How can Seaside UltraFit Blog be most beneficial for you?

So LADIES…we would LOVE to hear what you have to say! That’s what this blog is all about…so let your voice be heard!

Additional Enlightening Info

NEXT WEEK: The Blog will be featuring an incredible article written by SBJJ’s very own Hayley Rogers on goal setting! DON’T MISS IT!

1 week from the Christmas banquet (December 8th). Sign up (sbjj lobby) and be there!

More information regarding nutrition will be consistently added so we can make sure we are eating like UltraFit women as well!

Keep up the incredible effort and consistency, let’s finish out 2010 STRONG!


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